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Comedy Vumen - Filming the TV series for Russia 1

Watch the best numbers of Comedy Vumen (2016). Shooting the series for the TV channel "Russia 1" in good quality. HD 720


В TV shows that go on the Russia 1 channel in a succession are something mysterious and inexplicable. And in order to at least partially understand what is so unique in them, and to penetrate into the course of events, it is necessary to appear on the set. )

Comedy Woman - Filming of the TV series for Russia 1

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 Watch online Comedy Vumen filming the series for the TV channel "Russia 1" in good quality - you can on mobile phones and tablets on the entertainment site Youtebem.com

Cast: Yevgeny Borodenko, Ekaterina Skulkina, Oleg Vereshchagin, Ekaterina Varnava, Alexander Gudkov, Nadezhda Sysoeva, Tatyana Dorofeeva

YOM: 2016

All editions of the show - Laugh Comic | Online Update 

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