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Comedy Vumen / As amended by any women's magazine

Watch the best Comedy Vumen (2013) - "As amended by any women's magazine" video online for free in good quality HD 720 channel TNT Comedy Woman on the entertainment site youtebem.com

Comedy Woman - Edited by any women's magazine (2013) online

В unlike men's magazines, in women's publications everything is quite difficult. One thing is that every day you need to write different texts for the 12 horoscope - this is a test for a person with a meager imagination :) Very funny and funny sketch!)

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    Year of release: 2013 Comedy Woman (4 season, 10 series)

    Starring: Ekaterina Varnava, Natalia Yeprikyan, Natalia Medvedeva, Polina Sibagatullina, Marina Fedunkiv

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