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Camera Motor Country with Julia Menshova (2019) all issues in a row on the First

Smotret kamera motor strana 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть передачу с Меньшовой Камера Мотор Страна последний выпуск онлайн бесплатно

About the plot of the TV program "Camera. Motor. A country." 2019 on Channel One / Russia

ПWe present to your attention a new perspective TV show “Camera Motor Country” 2019 the lead of which was the charming Julia Menshova. Viewers have a unique opportunity to use their TV as a magic mirror and go back to the past, moreover, several decades ago.

Each new release will be devoted to one of the movies released in those days. Julia, along with her distinguished guests, will begin to recall how the shooting process went, what the country lived in that year when this picture came out, and how society responded to it.

Guests in this studio will be not only actors and directors, but also other famous personalities of that time. Fashion historians will talk about how costumes were made then, what fabrics and what quality they used, where the props were taken to create a full-fledged picture. Everything that once got into the camera lens, now turned into a whole story.

Julia Menshova decided to make not just a show where everyone would indulge in nostalgia. She decided to analyze what brought popularity to a certain film project, and how it was relevant for the society of that time. By the way, how do we perceive it after so many years? Guests will discover many secrets and interesting secrets of the set.




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    • Genres: Show, Culture, Cinema
    • Year of creation: 2019
    • Release date in RF: 16 June 2019
    • Country: Russia
    • Channel: 1 First
    • Host: Julia Menshova


The official instagram actress and host Yuliya Menshova (Yuliya Menshova) / Photo / Video

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Footage from the TV show “Camera. Motor. Country. ”Channel One 2019 | Photos of participants



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