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About the plot of the series “The Office Rat” 2018 online all series in a row for free / Detective / Crime / Russia

АNdrey Vershinin is a full-fledged police officer, but a worker in the archive. Served as a major hero detective soap opera “Clerical rat” online He dreamed of taking a more stately position, but in the near future such a prospect was not foreseen for him, therefore the man, having mastered the dust-free work, began to sort out the old documentation.

О сюжете сериала “Канцелярская крыса” 2018 онлайн все серии подряд бесплатно / Детектив / Криминал / Россия

Soon, for the main character of the crime film, a tempting offer - a transfer to a border town - is pulled up. The work provides a great responsibility and a serious approach to business. With the knowledge that it will be hard, Vershinin (Konstantin Strelnikov) immediately takes up his main duties at the Port. His predecessor was a colonel who died on a mission before he could finish some business.

Andrei expected a lot of surprises at the new place, but the uprising of subordinates did not fit in his head. The meeting took place in a very unfriendly manner, many gingerly looked at the newly-minted bosses. Paint the situation and added the fact that the press lit up the statements that carry a bad message to the police. By virtue of the crimes committed, the public raised a riot, the essence of which is to contribute to the dismissal of the newcomer in the team ...

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Directors: Ivan Glubokov, Alan Dzociev
Writers: Denis Kopnin, Ivan Glubokov, Elena Strogaleva
Operator: Eugene Kordunsky
Composer: Vitaly Mukanyaev
Artists: Svetlana Kolova, Andrey Soloviev
Producers: Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Cast: Konstantin Strelnikov Alexey Kravchenko, Ingrid Ingrid Olerinskaya Alexei Nilov Roman Zhilkin, Elena Polyakova, Sergei Koshonin Paul Gaiduchenko Ruslan Barabanov Andrei Polishchuk, Vadim Skvirsky, Valery Grishko, Evgeny Bakalov, Nikolai Beloshitsky, Vladislav Komarov Nikolai Gorshkov, Wally Hammer, Vasily Schipitsyn, Alexander Kozlov, Elena Martynenko and others.
Production: Triiks Media
Premiere: September 24 2018 (NTV)
Series: 16
Genre: detective, crime movie

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