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Captain's TV series (2017) watch online for free

Smotret serial kapitansha 2017 online Ukraina youtebem.com
Капитанша сериал (2017) смотреть онлайн бесплатно все серии Украина

About the plot of the Ukrainian TV series “Captain's / Kapitsha” 2017 Melodrama / Adventure 

ПWe present to your attention a very touching Ukrainian TV series "Captain" 2017 online production TRK Ukraine. The main role of Sasha in the melodramatic Ukrainian TV series is played by a charming actress Anna Mikhailovskaya.

In the center of events is a girl named Alexander Yermolenko, in an instant lost her carefree childhood. The fact is that Sasha's parents got into a car accident and could not escape. Since the Yermolenko family had a considerable fortune, the cunning relatives immediately took control of the situation and, wishing to get rich at the expense of the inheritance, formed custody of the little girl.

The grumpy aunt did not let Alexandra pass, showed with all her appearance a negative attitude towards the orphan. At that time, in order to please the woman, she took on the overworking household chores. Parallel to this, Sandra dreamed of going to study at the college of artistic orientation and escaping from home, where, because of the guardians, it was hard to live. But everything did not turn out the way it was originally intended.

Now the heroine has her child’s future at stake, so she has to link her fate with a man hated by her by the name of Leonid Verkhovtsev, who is the captain of the ship. Forced marriage did not foreshadow a happy family life, the girl was experiencing alienation and hostility towards a man, but for the sake of her offspring she is ready to make any sacrifices ... How the difficult fate of the heroine will continue to evolve tv series captain? What other surprises prepared for her life? Can she find her happiness?

Watch the series “Kapitansha” 2017 melodrama online all series in a row 1-16 TRK Ukraine


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You can watch the series “Captain 2 season online” 2019 film continuation on our website by clicking on the link ⇒ HERE


The series Captain 1 and 2 season continued - MOVIE INFO:


A country: Ukraine

Director: Vladimir Yanoschuk
Writers: Tatiana Gnedash, Catherine Anderson
Operator: Sergey Bordenyuk
Composer: Nikita Yanoschuk
Artists: Alexander Kononov, Natalya Kononova, Marina Pravdzivaya
Producers: Vitaly Sirenko, Vadim Zhuk
Casting Director: Masha Boklan

Starring: Anna St. Michael, Alexander Ratnikov, Anna Shepeleva, Alexander Popov, Vitaliy Saliy, Yevgeny Davidenko, Leonid Gromov, Margarita Shubina Larisa Kadochnikova Boris Hvoshnyansky Nicholas Boklan, Angelica Girich Elena Dudich, Julia Domashets Alexander Sreckovic, Stanislaus Forest, Valery Shvets, Gennady Foroshchuk, Anatoly Zinovenko, Valery Bassel, Lyudmila Kuzmina, Igor Tikhomirov, Olesya Chechelnitskaya
Premiere: 15 May 2017 (Russia-1)
Series: 16
Production: ABC Film, Avisi Film Ukraine, commissioned by the SEC Ukraine.
Genre: Adventure, Melodrama

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