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About the plot of the film "Cavalry / 12 Strong" 2018 | Drama | Military | Action movie | History | USA

Вoyenny film “Cavalry” 2018 online tells about a special group of cavalrymen, which was sent to the epicenter of the fight without any hope of salvation. A terrible event that awakens the deepest feelings in people, helping them to understand themselves and their strength is war. 11 September 2001 world can change, and never again become the same. The task of the brave warriors is to save not only themselves, but also people who could be undermined in the foreseeable future.

In the eyes of the detachment, the sand will rise several meters above the ground, everywhere there will be groans and cries of help. Mitch Nelson could only enjoy his life: beloved wife, obedient daughter. Suddenly, one day, the news reports that the country was attacked. Captain Mitch is instructed to immediately head to the places already covered. 19 man vs 12 trained soldiers.

They are built in a row, they have to go through a minefield, to live in constant fear and despair. This is the beginning of al-Qaeda’s main terrorist operation. From a few enemies, an army of several thousand grows, and death awaits very close. Only their own agility and unexpected allies who brought weapons, ammunition and provisions will be saved. Now they can stop even the most powerful enemy.



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A country: USA,

Original title: 12 Strong
Director: Nikolay Fyulsi
Writers: Ted Talley, Peter Craig
Operator: Rasmus Wiebebeck
Composer: Lorne Belf
Artist: Christopher Glass
Produced by: Jerry Bruckheimer, Yale Badik

Actors: Chris Hemsworth, Michael Peña, Michael Shannon, Trevant Rhodes, Navid Negaban, Austin Stowell, Elsa Pataki, Taylor Sheridan, William Fichtner, Jeff Stalts, Rob Riggle, Laith Nackley, Fahim Fazli, Seth Edkins
Production: Alcon Entertainment, Black Label Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Premiere: January 19 2018 (USA), March 8 2018 (Russia)

Genre: War Films, historical cinema, thriller, drama



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