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About the plot of the film “Who We Will Not Be” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-2 / Melodrama / Russia

Сsouthwatch line instructive the film “What we will not be” tells the story of two business friends, acquaintances over a long period of time, during which they were able to create a company that was quite profitable and worth the cost. However, the personal life of each of the characters leaves much to be desired.

Smotret serial Kem mi ne stanem film 2018 Youtebem.com

Gennady constantly tried the role of an exemplary spouse, and, unfortunately, did not grow together with many ladies. This continued until he met beautiful Sophia. The girl was able to touch the heart of a man, mutually building a warm relationship, filled with understanding. The spouse sincerely wishes to get a full-fledged family with the children as soon as possible, but the second half does not share her desires.

It so happened that the only son of Gena was a rogue, so from this lesson he learned one thing - to live for your pleasure. But even in the present situation, Sonya does not try to retrain her beloved, but accepts his choice. Second character miniseries “Whom we will not” online also has difficulties with the wife. Once Dmitry’s companion was diagnosed with a terrible cancer, but timely help forced the disease to recede, although after the course of treatment, there was practically no hope for the birth of her own offspring.


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Country: Russia
Director: Vitaly Babenko
Scenario: Victoria Evseeva
Operator: Nikolai Trukhin
Producer: Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Andrei Savenko
Composer: Anatoly Zubkov
Genre: Melodrama

Starring: Olga Arntgolts, Ekaterina Solomatina, Alexey Mitin, Maxim Konovalov, Lilia Kondrova, Nikolai Ivanov, Maxim Ivanov, Alla Malkova, Alexander Kulkov, Lydia Arefieva, Grigory Shevchuk, Philip Grabovetsky

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