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БEgypt's ogi is a very exciting, solid and high-quality blockbuster on a mythological theme. The film, which does not allow to be bored, the characters are trying to develop, and the colorful video series pleases the eye.

Gods of Egypt (2016) | Gods of Egypt | HD movie

Gods of Egypt (2016) | Gods of Egypt | HD movie

In Egypt, paradise on earth, it is ruled by the wise Osiris (Brian Brown), who decides to retire and leave the throne to his son Horus (Nikolai Coster-Waldau), but as the saying goes, the family has its black sheep. The rebellious uncle Seth (Leonidas, oh sorry Gerald Butler) comes to the coronation, kills Osiris, blinds Horus and seizes power. But in parallel with the mythical story, the love story of the thief Beck (Brandon Tuyets) and Zana (Courtney Eaton), who is in slavery, develops.
And of course the fates of Beck and the disgraced god Horus are intertwined in the struggle for love and peace in Egypt. This is followed by a series of adventures and endless battles with fantastic monsters. In the end, after the final battle, everything will be fine and peace will reign in the ancient kingdom, though not without the help of the supreme sun god Ra, performed by the brilliant Geoffrey Rush.

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YOM: 2016


  • year     
  • 2016
  • country     
  • USA
  • director Alex Proyas
  • screenplay by Matt Sazama, Burke Sharpless
  • producer Basil Ivanik, Alex Proyas, Brian Bookman, ...
  • operator Peter Menzies Jr.
  • composer Marco Beltrami
  • artist Owen Paterson, Ian Gracie, Sophie Nash, ...
  • Editing by Richard Learyd
  • genre of fantasy, action, adventure
  • Starring:
  •     Brenton Tanks
  •     Gerard Butler
  •     Nikolay Koster-Valdau
  •     Çedvik Bowser
  •     Elodie Jung
  •     Courtney Eaton
  •     Rufus Sewell
  •     Jeffrey Rush
  •     Brian Brown
  •     Rachel blake