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Смотреть фильм Клевер желаний 2019 Украина все серии подряд

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Clover of desires" 2019 / MeLodrama / Ukraine

ПNot so much time passed after the wedding, but yesterday heroes still in love series “Clover of desires” 2019 online already began to drift apart. The husband is passionate about his career and is constantly on the road, completely does not pay attention to his wife. Claims girls increasingly begin to annoy him and that would not be with her next, he lies about his employment, and he has fun with friends.

Marital problems accumulate like a snowball, and the man is not going to solve them. Only a young woman does not despair, and gives each time a second chance by their attitude, hoping that all these are temporary difficulties. But it all ended when one day, late returning from work, she accidentally ran into an attractive man. He turned out to be a girl’s former classmate who had changed so much that she did not immediately recognize him.

Over the years he has built his own business, has achieved a lot in life, only on a personal front, he has setbacks. He has a luxurious apartment and car, but does not have a family. They met so unexpectedly and so quickly realized that they needed each other. Their visits have become increasingly frequent, and the passion is growing stronger. And all the time a busy husband, did not even notice that his wife has changed and is now truly happy, only he has nothing to do with it.

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Clover of Desires - Information about the show:

Director: Pavel Tupik
Writers: Dmitry Pihur, Yuri Ryabchenko
Composer: Roman Dudchik
Artist: Alena Ostapenko
Producer: Irina Zarya

Actors: Ksenia Radchenko, Alexander Sokolovsky, Anton Eremin, Tanya Sklyar, Ivan Tamashev, Efrosinya Melnik, Alexander Polgyuy, Anatoly Zinovenko, Oleg Korkushko, Svetlana Shekera, Sergey Dzyalik, Oleg Vlasov, Artem Myaus

Premiere: 14 April 2019 (TRK Ukraine)
Series: 4
Genre: melodrama

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