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Something A Birthday Movie (2018) watch online free comedy USA

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Смотреть кино с Шерон Стоун Кое-что на день рождения 2017 онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the film "Something for Your Birthday / Little Something for your Birthday" 2018 | Comedy | Drama | Melodrama | USA

гthe main heroine of this lung comedy movie “How to marry a bachelor” 2018 online with elements of the drama name is Senna Berges (Sharon Stone). She is a fashion designer and no longer young, she is 46, but beautiful and lonely. After a series of love failures in the life of Senna, an attractive lawyer Adam () appears, who chooses to date the worst day of the year - her birthday.

All that she has is work and constant scandals with the mother with whom she lives. She still can not understand that her daughter has grown and she no longer needs care. It seems that the situation is developing in a terrible way, and therefore we have to hope only that this will somehow be resolved in the future.

And on one very ordinary day, what happens is that a lawyer comes to Senna's company. He went there about his business, but the girl immediately laid eyes on him. To great joy, the man reciprocated and, as a result, this led to the emergence of a relationship between the characters.

As a result, she decides to make her mom finally meet him. The girl invites her man to her house, where this long-awaited meeting will take place. What will all this lead to and what will be the outcome of this unusual situation? Will her mother be able to accept the fact that Senna has grown up a long time and she has a personal life?




 Watch the movie “Something for a Birthday” 2018 online in excellent quality. Hd 720-1080


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Film slogan - “At least once a year everything should be fine”


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Something for your birthday / Little Something for your Birthday - Information about movie:

A country: USA

Director {Susan Walter
Writer: Susan Walter
Operator: Pedro Gomez Millan
Composer: Chris Horvat
Produced by: Matt R. Brady, Rob Carliner, Alix Madigan, Gary Prisler, Sharon Stone, Susan Walter

Actors: Sharon Stone, Tony Goldwyn, Famke Janssen, Ellen Burstyn, Lisa Lapira, Leonor Varela, Caitlin Fitz Jerald, Gilles Marini

Production: ETA Films, MRB Productions
Premiere: 3 May 2017 (USA), February 1 2018 (Russia)
Genre: Melodrama, drama, comedy Movies



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