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Witch Lake film (2018) watch online for free detective

Smotret film koldovskoe ozero 2018 detektiv online Youtebem.com

Колдовское озеро

About the plot of the film “Koldovo Lake” 2018 online / Melodrama / Detective / TVC Channel

Гlove heroine the film “Koldovo Lake” 2018 Online young woman Victoria Pekarskaya (Anna Banshchikova), who works as an assistant to the mayor of a small town. The diligent heroine has achieved certain heights in her career, but in her personal life she is completely unlucky. The reason is that the girl fell into one lake near her house as a child.

There, about two hundred years ago, a girl was drowned and now there are legends that if you enter this lake on the same day when that beautiful woman died, you will always be unhappy. This is exactly the situation that happened to the main character of a detective film, which did not count on such an alignment. In recent years, she really has no luck in love and she cannot find a person with whom she would be happy. Everything is just monstrous, and you have to believe that in the future you will be able to remove this curse.

And here in their town comes a young guy named Henri. He assures Vika that he is the ancestor of the person because of whom that girl drowned. Some feelings began to appear between the guys, but one day Vika woke up in the morning and found that she had all the legs in the sand. This means that at night she went near the lake, but does not remember it. This starts to scare her and will have to understand this situation in more detail. Moreover, she began to dream that drowned!


Russian mini-series “Koldovo Lake” 2018 watch free detective online

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A country: Russia

Director: Vladimir Yankovsky
Screenwriter: Anna Rulevskaya
Operator: Ilya Pugachev
Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Johanna Aleksanyan
Actors: Anna Banshchikova, Yuri Baturin, Sergey Chekeres, Andrey Karako, Larisa Marshalova, Dmitry Pustilnik, Oksana Lesnaya, Victor Vasilyev, Stanislav Savostin

Premiere: November 30 2018 (TVC)
Genre: Melodrama , detective

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