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Watch the movie "Maltese / Maltese" 2016 online Italian series detective all series in good quality hd 720-1080

About the plot of the series “Commissioner Maltese / Roman Commissioner Maltese / Maltese" 2017 | 4 series | Thriller | Drama | Detective | Crime | Italy

гmain hero Italian detective series “Commissioner Maltese” 2017 online Dario Maltese (Kim Rossi Stewart) - Commissioner. He is one of the few who works according to the principles, and does not creep under everyone for money. One day, a best friend named Gianni invites him to his wedding. The celebration will take place in Trapani - a town that is native to Dario.

Everything went just fine until right in front of Maltese they brutally killed his good friend. It plunged everyone into wild shock and horror. The commissar can’t leave everything just like that, because his friend died. In this regard, the man asks to be transferred to the local police station.

His request is fulfilled, and so Dario proceeds with his own investigation. In the process, very interesting and frightening details are revealed. A whole network of corrupt politicians and law enforcement officers is discovered. He is the only one who has not yet been bribed by money. All of them are associated with one very dangerous criminal group.

Now he, as the last honest policeman, has to see the death of loved ones, almost lose his beloved woman, risk his own life. Also during the investigation, Maltese learns the bitter truth about the death of his father. Can a man understand the causes of what is happening and stop the terror of the mafia?

The trailer for the series “Commissioner Maltese” | Premiere 8 May 2017

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The series “Commissioner Maltese / Roman Commissioner Maltese / Maltese” 2017 - Release Date and Movie Information:

A country: Italy

Director: Gianluca Maria Tavarelli
Screenwriters: Nicola Badalucco, Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli
Operator: Marco Pieroni
Composer: Ralph Hildenboutel
Artist: Emita Frigato
Producers: Patricia Massa, Luigi Pinto, Marco Camilli, Carlo Delhi Delhi Esposti, Philippe Kreutzer, Jörg Schulze, Nicola Serra

Actors: Kim Rossi Stewart, Claudio Castrodzhiovanni, Rike Schmid, Francesco Schianna, Enrico Lo Verso, Paolo Ricca, Valeria Solarino, Antonio Milo, Marco Leonardi, Rosario Terranova, Alfredo Lee Bassi, Roberto Nobile, Alessandro Schiavo, Eros Pescan Luciano Virgilio, Lollo Franco, Giuseppe Pattavina, Zoe Tavarelli

Production: Palomar, Rai Fiction
Series: 4
Premiere: May 8, 2017 (Italy), May 8, 2017 (Russia), March 8, 2018 (Spain)
Genre: Detective, thriller, crime, drama


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Images from the movie “Commissioner Maltese / Maltese” 2017 Italy | Photos of actors

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