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Confectioner 3 season (2019) all recent episodes on the channel Friday


Смотреть кондитерское шоу с Ренатом Азгамовым на канале пятница все сезоны

About the plot of the culinary program “Confectioner 3” 2019-2021 on the channel Friday / Russia

вDo some self-taught pastry chefs ever think that they can stand in the same kitchen with the famous pastry chef Renat Agzamov, who is the real king of cakes. But this opportunity for culinary specialists appears due to the Friday channel, launching once again a wonderful show, where many goodies are being prepared.

As part of this project, anyone will have the opportunity to fight for the title of master in the confectionery business, as well as receive an impressive sum of money, and it is allowed to send it anywhere. Mentor and inspiration will be the true champion of Russia in the confectionery business. This is the most famous baker in the country, and it is his services that all stars from show business regularly use.

Renat Agzamov in the company of his constant assistant and winner of the very first season of the project will again travel to different cities of the country, and will look for the most delicious and not standard dessert. All citizens of our Motherland who like to cook sweets so much will be able to try their luck. And to whom luck will smile, he will become the winner of the whole season. Participants will be able to spend time with a cooking legend for only a few weeks.

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    • Genres: Shows, Cooking, Author's
    • Year of creation: 2017
    • Release date in RF: 2 April 2017
    • Country: Russia
    • TV channel: Friday
    • Talented stars
    • Duration: 56 min.



The official instagram of the host and pastry chef Renat Azgamov / Photo - Video



Images from the TV show “Confectioner”New 3,4,5 season 2019-2021 | Photos of the presenter and participants



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