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Крепостная сериал (2019) смотреть бесплатно онлайн драма Украина

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Serf / Krіposna” 2019 Drama / History / Romance | 48 series

Оcharming Katerina just turned eighteen years old and the main character of the new 48 episode costume series "Serf" 2019 online still does not suspect that fate has prepared her. The girl is simply insanely upset and does not know where her life may eventually lead. She was raised in a wealthy family and it seems that everything should be just wonderful with her. But in fact, Katya is a serf and before she finds freedom and love, the fate of the unfortunate has prepared severe trials and losses.

For the whole world Katya (Katerina Kovalchuk) is not a girl of noble blood and therefore she is not considered as any special. To survive in this difficult world, she will have to go through a considerable amount of the most difficult and difficult tests that she decided to throw her life to. It is clear that just because she can not cope with these difficulties, but she is confident in her luck. But in order to carry out all her plans and ideas, she has to sacrifice something.

To great disappointment, she will lose all of her loved ones. She will also need to serve as a bitchy woman who does not respect her in the least. But this is not all the difficulties that will fall to the lot of an eighteen-year-old girl serf. She will have to think more than once about what to do next, because otherwise she will not be able to achieve anything. What will all this lead to and can she finally become a happy person?

The trailer for the series “Fortress” 2019 Ukraine | Date of the premiere of 25 February  - look at our site!

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A country: Ukraine

Fortress / Кріпачка / Кріпосна - FILM INFORMATION:

Directors: Felix Gerchikov, Maxim Litvinov
Operators: Sergey Revutsky, Alexey Lamakh
Artist: Alexander Batenev

Actors: Ekaterina Kovalchuk, Alexey Yarovenko, Stanislav Boklan, Olga Sumskaya, Mark Drobot, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Mikhail Gavrilov, Ksenia Mishina, Viktor Babak, Daria Legeida, Fatima Gorbenko, Anna Sagaidachnaya, Sergey Denga, Alexandra Kireeva, Alexander Yankevich, Alina Kovalenko, Christina Any, Inna Roshchina

Costume artists: Dmitry Kuryaty, Antonina Belinskaya, Daria Postenko
Production: FILM.UA and Starlight Films
Premiere: February 25 2019 channel STB Ukraine
Series: 48
Genre: MelodramaMovies about love, история, drama, Russian history




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  1. Good traveler He speaks

    Great series, really liked! Images of what kind of living, imbued with the era of that savory time for the common people. I highly recommend it!

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