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Blood father film (2016) watch online for free thriller with Gibson

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Смотреть криминальный триллер Кровный отец 2016 французское кино бесплатно

About the plot of the film "Blood Father / Blood Father" 2016 | Action | Thriller | Drama | Crime | France

гThe main hero of the instructive film “Blood Father” 2016 online by Mel Gibson is John Link, whose life story, to put it mildly, is not so good. He loved the luxuriously gulnut, which is why he divorced his wife, and soon he ended up on the dock. The court issued a negative verdict and the hero had to go to jail.

While he was spending time behind bars, the baby daughter grew up, and the spouse wasn’t much involved in raising the baby. The girl, more like a father, loved to plunge into the most strange and very negative stories. John goes free and finds a new vocation. Without becoming a search for relatives, the hero settles in the trailer and gets a job as a tattoo artist.

He did not see his daughter for a long time, and he is not particularly worried about this. But the past itself knocked on his door in the form of an adult daughter, who immediately set out what problems she had. Link's parental instinct awakened after he learned that local traffickers threatened his daughter.

Now a man rides a bike and makes up for lost time as a parent. Protects the child, not avoiding the most terrible methods. An unusual way to atone for a guilt as a good for nothing father for all the years, but it seems that the girl does not mind at all. He will not allow to offend her and John is ready to hurt himself in a cake to help the unfortunate.



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Blood Father / Blood Father 2016 - INFORMATION ON FILM:

Country: France

Director: Jean-Francois Richet
Writers: Peter Craig, Andrea Burloff
Operator: Robert Ganz
Artist: Sebastian T. Crawinkel
Producers: Chris Briggs, Pascal Cocheto, Jennifer Roth

Actors: Mel Gibson, Erin Moriarty, William H. Macy, Elizabeth Rohm, Thomas Mann, Diego Luna, Michael Parks, Dale Dickey, Richard Kebral, Raul Trujillo

Production: Why Not Productions, Wild Bunch
Premiere: 21 May 2016 World
Genre: thriller, action, crime, drama

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