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Wings of an Empire TV series (2017-2019) watch online free for all series Russia

Smotret serial krilya imperii 2017 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Крылья империи 2019 все серии подряд на Первом канале история

About the plot of the series "Wings of the Empire" 2017 Online / 12 Series / History / Drama / First Channel / Russia 

в 1921 year was summed up the events of a fratricidal brutal civil war. Kronstadt was depressed. In the center of events of the historical Russian TV series “Wings of the Empire” 2017 online were three people from different classes - the peddler, a nobleman and a peasant. They differ in social position and outlook on life. But everyone has a dream.

Sergey Kirsanov-Dvinsky (Milos Bikovich) - entered the school at the behest of the mother. He is very ambitious and talented enough. But the tragic incident with a fellow student threw a hero into the Caucasus, and it was there that the hero was met by the First World War. Sophia Becker (Ksenia Lukyanchikova) came from a family of Germans who were engaged in the production of confectionery.

She wanted to be a writer. Her father loved her very much and wished only the best for his daughter. He saw her in the form of a true revolutionary. But fate was different. Having fallen in love with Dvinsky, the heroine fell into a whirlpool of insane events, in which there was both the death of her father and starvation time.

Matvey Osipov (Grigory Nekrasov) comes from the working class. In his youth, he joined the Social Revolutionaries and was preparing a terrorist attack against the ruler. But having met with Sofia, he fell in love with her. Going against his own, Matvey lost his life. The heroes of the dramatic film began at seventeen, and soon their destinies would be closely intertwined.


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A country: Russia

Wings of the Empire continued - MOVIE INFORMATION:

Director: Igor Kopylov
Screenwriters: Evgenia Kondratyeva, Vladimir Izmailov, Igor Kopylov, Victoria Alexandrova
Operator: Garik Zhamgaryan
Composer: Maxim Koshevarov
Artist: George Michri
Producers: Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov, Igor Kopylov

Actors: Milosh Bikovich, Ksenia Lukyanchikova, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Grigory Nekrasov, Alexander Bukharov, Alexander Lykov, Daniil Kokin, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Yevgeny Antropov, Mikhail Eliseev, Ivan Kolesnikov, Roman Polyansky, Lyubomiras Lautsavičius, Vladimir Yutov, who will be at the band to host undytovs, he will be at the first stage in the last 17 years, he will be the first one to get to work on the stage. Boris Plotnikov, Sergey Zamorev, Zaza Chanturia, Emilia Spivak, Daria Rumyantseva, Ilona Markarova, Ekaterina Proskurina and others

Production: Triiks Media, commissioned by Channel One
Premiere: The first 4 15 series in November 2017 / The remaining 8 10 series in July 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 12
Genre: Drama, historical series, history of Russia, films about the October Revolution



Images from the series “Wings of Empire” 2019 Russia | Photos of actors


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