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Who wants to become a millionaire (2019-2021) watch online all issues on Channel One

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About the plot of the program "Who want to be a millionaire?" 2019-2021 on Channel One / Show / Russia

нand our television has unique television projects, but the fact is that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. But this program “Who wants to be a millionaire?” 2019 online is not one of those, because its idea was borrowed from the British. And the main prize was then a million pounds.

To get hold of him, the player had to answer twenty-five questions, but the audience was too tiring to follow such an action. For this reason, it was decided to reduce the number of questions to fifteen. In Russia, the premiere of the very first release took place a year later on the NTV television channel. At that time, she was called “O lucky man!”, And the first to lead her was Dmitry Dibrov.

The project immediately got a huge number of fans across the country, and it became very popular. In the same year, the program was awarded the "Teffi" award, and, as most believed, it was Dibrov who was the ideal leader for the project. Thanks to him, the studio was filled with such an unsurpassed atmosphere, a man could always feel the situation and could even influence the choice of the participant.

He himself never knew which answer to the question was the right one, he was in absolutely equal situation with the player, and he knew the result only after the computer displayed it on the monitor. But as time went on, and the leading began to change rapidly.

Watch online “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” 2018-2019-2021 on Channel One all issues in a row 


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    • Genres: Shows
    • Year of creation: 2001
    • Release date in RF: 17 February 2001
    • Country: Russia
    • TV channel: First 1
    • Moderators: Dmitry Dibrov, Maxim Galkin



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