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Who are you? TV series (2018) watch online for free crime film

Smotret serial kto ti 2018 besplatno Youtebem.com

Кто ты? сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно криминальный фильм

About the plot of the series “Who are you? / Hto ty? "2018 online / Crime / Detective / Channel Ukraine

Дefetive Ukrainian soap opera «Who are you? / Hto ti?»2018 online tells about a famous psychotherapist is involved in a criminal story with an unpredictable ending. The Serious Crimes Department takes on a new case. A new employee Inga Stefan (Ekaterina Kuznetsova), which causes great suspicion. According to her, one cannot say that she has a lot of experience behind her, but she also decides to do everything possible to help her colleagues get out of these troubles.

And along with her, the major will have to take on this unusual case. As it turns out, problems began when one therapist lost his fiancé. She is a good specialist in her field and copes well with this work. She always has many clients who are satisfied with her session. And here comes the fact that after the disappearance of the groom her clients began to commit suicide. Naturally, no one can understand what is actually happening and, therefore, the authorities will have to urgently investigate this situation.

They take up the investigation and are going to do everything possible to ultimately cope with such a difficult task. The case is gaining momentum every day and everyone is waiting for a new victim to come soon. It is natural to admit this is impossible, and this means that it is necessary as soon as possible to reveal all the motives and try to find out what the main reason for these suicides is. Watch the series “Who are you” and find out that the girl decides to independently understand the situation.

Watch Ukrainian crime film “Who are you?” 2018 online all series in a row 1-16


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A country: Ukraine
Director: Anatoly Mateshko
Screenwriter: Natalia Orlyanskaya
Operator: Artem Vasilyev
Composer: Vladlen Pupkov
Artist: Victor Kuleshov
Produced by: Irina Zarya, Irina Chemeris
Casting Director: Irina Sultanova

Actors: Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Anton Batyrev, Yaroslav Gurevich, Miroslav Pavlichenko, Igor Pazych, Anastasia Pokhodenko-Mateshko, Oleg Primogenov, Renat Settarov, Vladimir Abazopulo (younger), Elena Khokhlatkina, Konstantin Oktyabrsky
Production: UPS, TRK Ukraine
Series: 16
Premiere: November 3 2018
Genre: Crime, detective

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