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Devil's Kupil serial (2018) watch online for free detective Russia

Smotret serial kupel dyavola 2018 online detektiv Youtebem.com

Купель дьявола сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно детектив Россия

On the plot of the series “Beauty requires sacrifices / Beauty of the Vimagak of the victims” 2018 online / Melodrama / Detective / TVC Channel

Мistical detective soap opera Devil's Font 2018 online at will lead a fascinating story about the works of the unique artist Van Ostrea. Surprisingly, the talent of this man knew no bounds. They were admired and many asked that this person paint their portraits. Strange, but after writing the portraits, perfectly healthy people began to die. Some time later, after the maestro painted the whole city, the local population was not lucky enough to survive the flood, where very few people managed to survive.

The work of this person has reached our time is not so much, but people are delighted with his work to this day, so the paintings are estimated in large sums. Ekaterina Solovieva becomes the next happy owner of the priceless historical picture (Polina Tolstun). The collector girl is immensely happy, because now she has fulfilled one cherished dream. The strangest thing is that the portrait of the lady depicted in the picture is incredibly similar to Katya. The heroine of the serial film does not fear this at all. Also not in a hurry to believe that the work of the artist Ostrea killed. However, some of the events from her life lead to conclusions about the opposite.



The series “Devil's Font” 2018 watch all series in a row TVC channel


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A country: Russia
Director: Alexandra Butko
Screenwriter: Valentin Spiridonov
Actors: Polina Tolstun, Ilya Noskov, Kirill Zhandarov, Lyudmila Chursina, Boris Khvoshnyansky, Evgeniya Igumnova, Anvar Libabov, Moses Berson, Yaroslav Kuznetsov
Production: Phoenix Film
Premiere: November 10 2018 (TVC)
Series: 4
Genre: Detective, mysticism

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