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Smotret serial kupchino 2018 online besplatno youtebem.com

Купично сериал (2018) смотреть бесплатно онлайн детектив Россия на канале НТВ Youtebem.com

About the plot of the series “Kupichno” 2018 Detective | Crime | Russia | NTV channel

Нnew Russian detective soap opera “Kupchino” 2018 online begins a story about a young man Fedor (Grigory Nekrasov) dreaming from early childhood to be known and become a professional rock musician. He had a good voice, so he used all his free time to develop his talent, as he thought. But his parents were skeptical of his hobby.

The family moved from Moscow to Leningrad, and the son decided to wrest from the music clubs and parties and determine to one of the police stations as an intern. They hoped that here the guy would become more serious, throw nonsense out of his head and begin to think realistic and practical. Fedor took it in hostility, but had to obey the parental will.

He is in the care of an experienced district Vasilich (Alexey Kravchenko). He immediately realized that the guy does not have much zeal to give all the best, but hopes to get rid of this work as soon as possible. Therefore, he assigns him the most minor tasks. Fedor, contrary to expectations, begins to delve into the work of the policeman. The hero of the crime film is faced with crime, where it is necessary to make quick decisions. His worldview is changing dramatically. If earlier he was a small and inexperienced boy with fantasies in his head, then at this work he becomes a real mature man.

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A country: Russia
Directed by: Armenak Nazikyan, Maxim Brius, Viktor Shkuratov, Alan Dzotsiev
Screenwriters: Vadim Kalashov, Andrei Belozerov
Operators: Dmitry Plyusnin, Stanislav Mikhailov, Dmitry Kabanov
Composers: Maxim Koshevarov, Alexander Maev
Artist: Anastasia Kozhina
Producers: Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov, Vitaly Mukanyayev, Heinrich Ken, Denis Berezin

Starring: Alex Kravchenko, Grigory Nekrasov, Ekaterina Panasyuk, Arthur Waha, Maxim Dahnenko, Roman Ageev, Elena Martynenko Irina Patrakova Alexei Falileev Paul Isaykin Egor Foresters, Alex Odinga Eugene Ljamin, Gennady Skomorokhov Kirill Saker, Egor Shmyga, Victor Vybrienko, Alexey Frolov, Igor Dudoladov, Sergey Intyakov, Mikhail Slivnikov, Andrey Chumanov, Alexander Klemantovich, Maria Popova and others.
Production: Triiks Media

Premiere: October 12 2018 (NTV)
Series: 20
Genre: Detective, thriller, crime movie

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