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About the plot of the Russian series “Holiday novel 2 season” 2018 online free comedy all series in a row 1- 4 | Russia

Пabout a year ago the main characters comedy series “Holiday romance” 2 season good fun, spending time at the resort. They had the opportunity to become participants in exciting and memory-driven adventures, and after the holiday was over, certain people continued to communicate in their usual life. Gleb and Mila are forced to contact only by means of modern communication networks.

Курортный роман 2 сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно

The couple in love is experiencing a crisis, because their feelings are impeded by a great distance.
Due to circumstances, Hleb is obliged to remain in the capital, at the same time his companion, becoming an employee of a promising investment bank, moved abroad - to a city of opportunities called Brussels. The holidays are just around the corner, so the young ones are looking forward to seeing you soon.

However, plans are crumbling due to the unexpected decision of the chief, Guillaume, who left his ward without rest. Mile was instructed to go to the resort of Sochi to meet with businessman Bogdanov to sign an important contract. The girl is very saddened by the news of this business trip, because she was already in the mood to see her lover over a long period of time. The case comes close friend, who finds an incredible way out of this situation.

“Holiday romance” 1 and 2 season season

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A country: Russia
Director: Igor Muzhzhukhin
Scenario: Andrey Berezhansky
Producer: Stanislav Piatetsky, Olga Maneeva, Elena Metlikina
Operator: Alexey Fedorov
Production: Phoenix-Film Company
Composer: Alexey Zubarev
Genre: Comedy

Cast: Sophia Kashtanova, Daria Kalmykova, Natalia Nozdrina, Alexey Fateev, Igor Gudeev, Pyotr Barancheev, Olga Bynkova, Pavel Barshak, Marina Barsukova, Sergey Karjakin, Igor Filippov, Andrey Mezhulis, Yulia Polynskaya, Irina Temicheva, Ekaterina Malachako

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