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Смотреть теле шоу Ледниковый период Дети новый 2 сезон 2019 онлайн все выпуски подряд

нfinally came out the long-awaited Season Two “Ice Age 2 Kids” 2019 on Channel One Beloved by many Russians of a very positive colorful TV show. It is fascinating in such a way that it is simply impossible to break away from the screen. Leading there have been some changes, and now their place will be taken by Alexei Yagudin, who four times became the world champion, and three times the European champion.

And to help him lead the program will be charming and inimitable Alla Mikheeva. And so, as they say, the ice is broken! Young talented people will have to show what they are capable of, what they have learned from legendary coaches. Famous skaters become mentors for children, and you can even be sure that they will invest in the participants all their soul and endurance.

Talented and charming boys and girls have to go on the ice and show the strict jury that only they have to go further in this difficult competition. They will all have to try very hard, because Tatyana Tarasova will again be the chairman of the jury. Of course, her work is not the easiest, because the speakers in front of her will not be professionals, and it is unlikely that anyone would want to bring the children to tears with harsh but very fair statements.

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    • Genres: Shows, Sports, Kids
    • Year of creation: 2018
    • Release date in RF: 31 March 2019
    • Country: Russia
    • TV Channel: First 1
    • Presenters: Alexey Yagudin, Alla Mikheeva
    • Duration: 200 min.
    • Ice Age children of the jury:
      Tatiana Navka, Ilya Averbukh, Tatiana Tarasova, Maxim Trankov, Roman Kostomarov

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