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Leningrad serial (2007) watch online free military drama

Smotret serial Leningrad 2007 online besplatno youtebem.com

Ленинград сериал (2007) смотреть онлайн бесплатно военная драма о блокаде кино

About the plot of the Russian film "Leningrad" 2007 online / Drama / Military / History / Russia 

Эthat drama series “Leningrad” 2007 online from director Alexander Buravsky tells us about the besieged and hungry Leningrad. Hitler was convinced that the people living in Leningrad would all starve to death in one or two months and the Germans would take them to the city without shedding a drop of blood. The city was almost completely cut off from the outside world. Before the onset of cold weather, food was delivered along Lake Ladoga, however, as the film tells us, only one of 20 barges reached it.

It was a critical time when people began to die in batches of starvation and they had to find a solution to deliver food to the city. The command repeatedly reduced the “ration”, at the end it reached 125, the bread per person and 200, per worker. The only hope for salvation was a narrow coastal spit with thick ice. However, only Hydrographer Vasily Pavlovich Krause, who at one time was declared an “enemy of the people”, knew about its location.

In order to save the city, you need to find Krause and find out where this scythe is. Responsible for this is the senior major of GosBezopasnoti Malinin, who is building a detachment of Ladoga residents, including Nina Tsvetkova, an ordinary policeman. The lives of all citizens depend on their actions, including Keith Davis - a journalist from England, Sonya Krasko - a mother of two children, etc.

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A country: Russia

Director: Alexander Buravsky
Scriptwriter: Alexander Buravsky
Operator: Vladimir Klimov
Composer: Yuri Poteenko
Artists: Alim Matveychuk, Alexander Boim, Pavel Novikov
Producers: Alexander Buravsky, Maria Schmidt, David Hamburg, Sergey Melkumov, Anatoly Maximov, Konstantin Ernst, Janik Fayziev, Anna Sobinevskaya, Olga Maximova, Natalia Gorina

Actors: Mira Sorvino, Armin Muller-Shtal, Olga Sutulova, Gabriel Birn, Mikhail Efremov, Alexander Abdulov, Vladimir Ilyin, Alyona Stebunova, Sergey Koltakov, David Verrey, Victor Smirnov, Vadim Loginov, Marat Basharov, Zhanna Nesterenko, Alexander Kulikova, Luisa Mosendz, Alexander Polovtsev, Valentina Talyzina, Maria Golubkina, Yevgeny Stychkin, Sergey Gorobchenko, Marina Rokina, Pavel Derevianko, Yevgeny Sidikhin, Mikhail Trukhin, Alexander Sirin, Hoffman Eckard, Alexander Bayer, Alexander Filippenko, Nikolai Olyalin, Helen Lindsay, Sergey Nikonenko, alentin Gaft, Kirill Lavrov, Alexander Bashirov, Christian Berkel, Igor Lifanov, Donatas Banionis Catherine Rednikova Alexander Pashutin, Yuri Kolokolnikov

Production: LLC “Leningrad-Production, Inc.” Commissioned by Channel One
Premiere: October 19, 2007 and January 27, 2019 (1 channel)
Genre:  war filmdrama, films about the Great Patriotic War online

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