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Love under the microscope TV series (2018) Ukraine watch online for free

Smotreet serial lubov pod mikroskopom 2018 online Ukraina youtebem.com

Ukrainian mini-series “Love under the microscope / Kohannya pid microscope” 2018 - 2019 watch online for free

СThe birth from birth was favorable to Anya, she grew up in full prosperity and care. main character series “Love under the microscope” 2018 She was from a wealthy family and always believed that she would achieve only the most positive results. The girl wanted to do everything in her power to fulfill her dreams. Having matured, she graduated from medical university and now enjoys her life.

Becoming a surgeon and finding a prestigious job in the hospital, Anna (Alina Sergeeva) is now very famous. Every time the heroine melodramas selflessly saves human lives and does it with great dedication to his work. It seems that it is not even worth asking for more, because in personal life everything is also very positive. Her favorite influential businessman, whom she is going to soon marry.

Everything develops as well as possible and finally her life begins to change after one incident. A guy who had an accident was taken to the hospital. None of the doctors wants to take on him, because everyone is sure that he will die on the operating table. Anya cannot look at the whole situation and therefore decides to take the risk. Unfortunately, the guy really dies, and after this incident in her life comes the dark strip. What will it ultimately lead to and what will be the result?

Watch the film "Love under a microscope / Kohannya under a microscope" 2018 all series in a row 1-4 online for free Channel Ukraine


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A country: Ukraine

Director: Oleg Turansky
Screenwriter: Duke Mityagov
Operator: Alexander Onoprienko
Composer: Vladimir Kripak
Artist: Inga Skripnik
Producer: Galina Balan-Timkina

Actors: Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Alina Sergeeva, Daria Egorkina, Fatima Gorbenko, Andrei Mostrenko, Ksenia Nikolayeva, Dmitry Sova, Anatoly Yashchenko, Vyacheslav Babenkov, Sergey Berezhko, Maxim Boryak, Nikolai Butkovsky, Ekaterina Vayvala, Maria Demidenko, Yana Diorditsa, Olga Moroz, Olga Morozka Butkovsky, Ekaterina Vayvala, Maria Demidenko, Yana Diorditsa, Olga Moroz, Olga Morozka, Yekaterina Vayvala, Maria Demidenko, Yana Diorditsa, Olga Morozka, Nikolai Morozka Butkovsky, Ekaterina Vayvala, Maria Demidenko, Yana Diorditsa, Olga Morozka Alexander Loginov, Alexander Melnik

Premiere: December 2 2018 (TRK Ukraine), June 1 2019 (Russia 1)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama about love


The official instagram actress Alina Sergeeva (Alina Sergeeva) / Photo - Video

The official instagram actress Darya Egorkina (Darya Egorkina) / Photo - Video

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