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Watch the children's show Better Everyone 2019 with Maxim Galkin all releases in a row

Уprivate owners of this wonderful the show on the first channel “Best of all” 2019 online are children under the age of twelve. It is their parents who are confident that the child has the necessary talent to try to demonstrate it to the whole country. The host of the transfer is Maksim Galkinwhich will have to do everything possible to make the participants achieve positive results.

Ahead of the characters awaits many interesting and exciting challenges, where each of them will have to demonstrate their best abilities. This can be done incredible things relating to a wide variety of talents. Judges are given the opportunity to decide who will go on in this program and who will finish it at the very beginning. The spectator will definitely not have to miss, because anything can happen.

The only important thing is that it will be necessary to do everything possible to achieve the greatest goal. Galkin will have to support the guys, because even small children who are ready to hit every person take the stage. Who will win is unknown, but in the final test will be something to see. The best of the best will meet there, so you have to hope only for the most excellent result. What he will eventually be and who can become the best and most talented?

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Watch online "It is better all ” 2019 new 5 season all editions in a row with Maxim Galkin

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Genres: Shows, Musical, Children, Hobbies
Year of creation: 2019
Host: Maxim Galkin
Country: Russia
TV Channel: First 1
Talented children



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The official instagram of TV host Maxim Galkin (Maksim Galkin) - Photo / Video

Footage from the “Best of All” 2019 First Channel | Photos of actors

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