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Smotret serial malchik moy 2019 online youtebem.com

смотреть украинский фильм Мальчик мой 2019 с Ириной Таранник все серии подряд мелодрама

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “My boy / sissy boy” 2019-2020 / Melodrama / Ukraine

Дabout the recent time Asya (Irina Tarannik) considered herself a really happy woman. The heroine of the series “My Boy” 2019 on the channel Ukraine had a caring and loving family. Spouse Gennady worked a lot, but this did not prevent relatives from gathering on weekends and it was interesting to spend time. Everything changed at that moment when there was a fire and took with it the life of the five-year-old son of heroes. On this day, along with Anton, his mother actually died.

The woman is constantly crying and not one medicine can help to deal with terrible grief. The woman has ceased to enjoy the new day. She no longer saw happiness in her beloved husband, in communication with close relatives. Asya begins to drink and only in this she finds the strength to continue to exist. The pain eats it daily from the inside.

Tragedy forever not only took away his son, but also destroyed the family. Gene was tired to watch as the spouse loses moral character, therefore he filed for divorce. Starting to watch the TV series “My Boy” online, the viewer will make sure that Asya a year later meets with one fireman taking part in extinguishing the fire of their mansion.

A new friend assures that the remains of the child was not. The mother has little hope that the baby is still alive. Now she has to conduct her own independent investigation of the strange incident and understand what happened on this terrible evening that changed Asi's life forever. Attempts to understand the truth lead to ambiguous results.

Series Trailer Reviews | Premiere 27 April 2019 Ukraine | September 26, 2020 on Russia channel 

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A country: Ukraine

My boy / Cotton my 2019-2020 - Information about the series and release date:

Director: Alexander Parkhomenko
Screenwriter: Yana Romanenko
Operator: Maxim Melnik
Producers: Natalia Stribuk, Victoria Korogod, Evgeny Lyaschenko, Irina Chernyak, Valentin Opalev

Actors: Irina Tarannik, Igor Rubashkin, Olesya Vlasova, Prokhor Dubravin, Yulia Yurchenko, Tanya Sklyar, Yaroslav Gurevich

Series: 4
Premiere: April 27, 2019 (TRK Ukraine) September 26, 2020 on the channel Russia
Genre: Melodrama

The official instagram actress Irina Tarannik (Irina Tarannik) / Photo - Video

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Stills from “My Boy / Slam My Boy” series 2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors



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