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Смотреть фильм Мама Маша 2019 онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the series “Mama Masha" 2019 Romance | Crime | Russia 1 

Гlove heroine Russian crime series “Mama Masha” 2019 online sympathetic, kind woman, whom everyone asked for advice: relatives, colleagues, neighbors, friends. She worked tirelessly, always ready to help, despite her problems and difficulties. However, the personal life of the beauty in her youth did not work out.

Plunging into work, the central character forgot about female happiness, the small pleasures of life. Perhaps Mary does not have a loved one because of the fate thus formed. But she has a pupil whom she raised and took care of, her nephew. The boy remained an orphan in childhood.

In every way she provided him, gave everything that he needed. With Mama Masha, as he called her, he did not need anything, he received a good upbringing and education. Once, Maria Khrupova drops everything and buys a ticket to Moscow. She was informed that her adoptive son was under investigation.

Law enforcement officials accuse him of assaulting a girl. But the woman does not believe the accusations and believes that the police are not trying to look for a true criminal. Her task is to prove the guy’s innocence at all costs. Maria is ready for the most desperate things to save Oleg.


Trailer | Premiere 14 September 2019 

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The series “Mama Masha” 2019 - Release Date and Movie Information:

A country: Russia

Director: Andrey Simonov
Screenwriter: Julia Svetlova
Operator: Cyril Gerra
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Anastasia Kavunovskaya, Andrey Kretov

Actors: Anna Yakunina, Alexander Smirnov, Dmitry Bogdan, Maria Romanova, Yana Paletskaya, Sofya Lukyanova, Igor Skripko, Alexander Mironov, Viktor Ryabov, Vasily Michkov, Alexander Smirnov

Series: 4
Premiere: September 14 2019 (Channel Russia 1)
Genre: Melodrama, crime, films about family



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