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Mom series (2018) Russia watch online melodrama for free

Smotret serial mama 2018 online kanal domashni Youtebem.com

About the plot of the series “Mama” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-16 / Melodrama / Russia

НSome time ago Vera Usoltseva (Julia Melnikova) dragged its existence in St. Petersburg, working there as a simple teacher at school. Subsequently, the main character soap opera “Mama” 2018 online on the Home channel moved to his sister Olesya in the capital. In Moscow, she finds work in a prestigious lyceum as a teacher.

In the new setting, she happened to meet the class leader, Christina, who is also the bearer of a complex nature and belongs to the category of unmanaged children. However, Vera effortlessly establishes contact with the girl and enters into friendly relations with her. In a short time, Usoltseva was going through a serious shock in life. During the parent meeting, the familiar face of a woman emerges in memory among those present in the room ...

Her name is Nadezhda and several years ago Olya had the opportunity to meet her - the heroine of a melodrama gave birth to a child to this woman and her spouse. Arriving in a state of complete shock, the girl decides to file for dismissal, but an old friend persuades her to remain in the same place. Nadia uses the opportunity to speak out about the difficult relationship with her daughter, and asks for help from the newly made teacher and part-time teen mother ...

The series “Mama” 2018 new 3 season watch all series in a row comedy for free


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A country: Russia
Director: Guzel Kireeva
Screenwriters: Rodion Beletsky, Guzel Kireeva
Operator: Viktor Gusarov
Composers: Sergey Chipenko, Nikita Chipenko
Artist: Sergey Thelin
Producers: Ekaterina Shveiko, Sergey Serebryany, Alexey Titov, Natalya Klevtsova

Actors: Yulia Melnikova, Pavel Trubiner, Marina Drovosekova, Boris Shcherbakov, Galina Polsky, Yulia Kuvarzina, Anna Popova, Valeria Shkirendo, Mariam Merabova, Vladimir Kosheva, Olesya (Olga) Potashinskaya, Alyona Novitskaya, Oleg Filipchik, Andrei Shishkov, Alexey Matoshin, Ekaterina Kulchitskaya, Dani Alasania, Alexander Bobrov, Natalia Garanina, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Elena Charkviani, Vladimir Feklenko, Stepan Abramov, Amir Bay

Production: Studio 2В
Premiere: November 19 2018 (Home)
Series: 16
Genre: Melodrama

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  1. Olga Belinska He speaks

    The series seems to be good. But the daughter is very annoying. I think that few people have this character’s sympathy, and the actress is not very suitable. Well, as usual, all these minor plot lines, some tricks between teachers ... Still, the 16 series! But Shcherbakov and Polish even this pull!

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