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Smotret serial mami chempionov 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Мамы чемпионов 2019 на канале стс спортивный сериал в хорошем качестве hd 720

About the plot of the series «Moms championov 2019 online / Melodrama / Sport / ITS Channel / Russia

Гmain heroine Russian sports series “Moms of champions” 2019 online channel STS becomes a young woman Vera (Ekaterina Vilkova). She has been involved in sports since early childhood. The girl's mom was a famous swimming coach, and it is not surprising that the girl decided to do this sport too. After some time, this simple hobby became just the meaning of life, she decided to associate herself with this sport forever.

When the girl was seventeen years old, she was able to achieve great success in their work. She was recovering at various competitions, and from there she brought only silver and gold medals. In her personal life, too, everything went perfectly. She met a man she wants to live with all her life. She felt that she was completely happy, because at seventeen she had what people have been trying to achieve for years, and not everyone reaches the finish line.

But fate prepared for the girl a lot of trials, showing that not everything is so easy. Vera found out she was pregnant. She was in seventh heaven. But only she was glad of it. Her boyfriend was afraid of responsibility and decided to get away from the heroine. And the mother turned away from her daughter, because she can no longer play sports and win champion medals.

Trailer | Premiere 1 April 2019

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A country: Russia

Director: Sergey Arlanov
Screenwriters: Ekaterina Shcherbatyuk, Nargiz Bagirzade
Producers: Vyacheslav Murugov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Anton Fedotov, Dmitry Tabarchuk, Ekaterina Laskari, Vladimir Neklyudov, Alexander Korovin, Mikhail Sokolov

Actors: Ekaterina Vilkova, Irina Rozanova, Pavel Trubiner, Maria Zvonareva, Grigory Vernik, Nelli Nevedina, Mikhail Khimichev, Maria Valeshnaya, Ruslan Yagudin, Asya Dubrovskaya, Danil Akutin, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Sofia Lukianova

Production: Art Pictures Vision
Premiere: 1 April 2019
Series: 20
Genre: Movies about sports, melodrama,

The official instagram actress Evgenia Rozanova (Evgeniya Rozanova) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram of actor Pavel Trubiner (Pavel Trubiner) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Ekaterina Vilkova (Ekaterina Vilkova) / Photo - Video

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Images from the series “Moms of Champions” 2019 STS | Photos of actors



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