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Routes of Destiny series (2019) watch free online Ukraine

Smotret serial marshruti sudbi 2019 online Ukraina youtebem.com

About the plot of the Ukrainian TV series "Routes of Destiny / Routes of the Valley" 2019 Drama

Гthe main hero of the exciting drama series “Routes of Fate” 2019 online recently lost his entire family and memory in an explosion in a car. Sergei (Artem Myahus) was in a very difficult situation, but he has no choice but to try to live on. That is why he always faces a variety of difficulties and is ready to do everything possible to overcome all the troubles that may appear in his way.

It transports people from one country to territories beyond the control of Ukraine by minibus. Each of his passengers always needs help and the main character of a life-story movie based on real stories is ready to provide it at any moment. Sergey is ready to do everything in his power to provide his services in a given situation. This is exactly what is ready to help everyone, but there is still one unresolved question. He refers to the tragic situation that happened to his family.

Sergey is ready to find those who are guilty of their death and take revenge on them. But it will not be so easy to do this, because the times themselves are vague and difficult, and it is not easy to find the guilty ones in this twist. To do this, it remains only to achieve the most positive results and try to demonstrate everything in order to achieve their ultimate goals. What will they really be and what will they ultimately expect from this?



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A country: Ukraine

Routes of Destiny / Routes - Information about the series:

Director: Ivan Sautkin
Production Designer: Sergey Brezhstovsky
Producer: Alexander Tkachenko, Alena Eremeeva, Darina Zhukova
Creative producer - Zhanna Maksimenko-Dovgić
Actors: Olga Grishina, Artem Myau, Anna Sagaidachnaya, Victor Andrienko, Vitalina Bibliv, Yakov Kucherevsky

Premiere: 23 January 2019 1 + 1 Ukraine
Series: 12
Genre: Drama series online

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