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Mask on NTV (2020) watch online all issues in a row music show

Smotret shou maska ​​1 sezon 2020 online youtebem.com

Смотреть онлайн "Маска на НТВ 1 сезон" 2020 Россия все выпуски подряд музыкальная передача

юThe most popular South Korean project is now being shown in Russian on the NTV channel. In just four years, this project has gained a very large number of fans around the world. Enchanting costume show called “Mask” 2020 online involves a lot of music, popular songs, intrigues and fun.

This project will involve very famous people, actors, singers, show business stars, TV presenters and also popular athletes. The most interesting thing is that at the studio screens the participants will appear each in a special mask so that their persons are kept in the strictest confidence.

And the jury of this project will have a unique opportunity to know the contestants solely by their musical abilities. And the one who is recognized the fastest will immediately be excluded, and the participant will be forced to leave the show, and the remaining artists will compete further.

As Timur Weinsther said, “We are glad that the version of this wonderful project will be released on the Russian channel,” because this project has such success everywhere. For example, an episode of the American version was the highest-rated launch in eight years, and the German version brought Pro Sieben a record share. Whoever wins and removes the mask, already this season the premiere of a super show called “Mask” took place.

Trailer - the announcement of "Mask on NTV" 2020

Watch online “The Mask on NTV / The Masked Singer” 2020 season 1 all issues in a row music show

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  • Genres: Шоуmusic
  • Year of creation: 2020
  • Release date in RF: 1 March 2020
  • A country: Russia
  • TV channel: NTV
  • Musical programms
  • Duration: 1 h. 30 min.
  • Jury “The Masked Singer”
  • Studio: “White Media” (WeiT Media)




Instagram | The official instagram of singer and actor Filipp Kirkorov / Photo - Video

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Instagram | Official instagram of TV presenter Regina Todorenko - Photo / Video / Regina Todorenko

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Instagram | Official Instagram of singer Valeria (Singer Valeriya) - Photo / Video

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Instagram | Official Instagram of Garik Martirosyan Comedy Club / Photos - Video

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Images from the television program “Mask on NTV 1 season”Russia 2020 | Photo of the jury and participants


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