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Medici: Lords of Florence TV series (2016) watch free online

Smotret serial medichi poveliteli florencii 2016 online youtebem.com

About the plot of the series “Medici: Lords of Florence / Medici: Masters of Florence"2016 online for free all series in a row 1-8

Пrendered historical series “Medici: Lords of Florence” 2016 online 1 season - this is the same Game of Thrones, only all the bloody, incestuous, tough, cruel, and sometimes terrible events of which are not invented - they really happened in those distant times, even if historians hyperbolized then quite a bit.

Giovanni Medici was a merchant from Florence. He also at one time became a very rich man who had made a whole bunch of enemies. But to a great chagrin, he suddenly dies and his whole inheritance passes to two sons. It is they who now have to lead their father’s business and try to deal with the troubles that may fall upon them.

The situation is really catastrophic and it seems that nothing can prevent it from achieving even greater heights. Every day we have to make great efforts and hope that in the future all these problems will be able to retreat. But until that happens, the protagonist named Kovacs will have to, as the eldest of the brothers, resolve all these situations.

The enemies of his father were convinced that now the whole business would collapse, but to their great surprise Kovacs showed that he was committed in no way inferior to his father. It was not easy to achieve such success, but he managed to overcome all possible difficulties in order to get to the final test, which will definitely meet on his way. Will he cope with the difficulties and difficulties that so unexpectedly fell on the heads of all members of his family?


Watch the series “Medici: Lords of Florence” 2016 online for free all series in a row


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Country: Italy, United Kingdom

Medici: The Magnificent - FILM INFORMATION:

Directors: Sergio Mimitz-Gezzan, Alex von Tanzelman
Writers: Mark Denton, John Fay, Francesca Gardiner, Nicholas Meyer, Sophie Petzal, Frank Spotnitz, Johnny Stockwood, Emilia Dee Girolamo
Operator: Vittorio Omodei Zorini
Composer: Paolo Buonvino
Artist: Francesco Frigeri
Produced by: Fanio Petrocchi, Frank Spotnitz, Nicholas Meyer, Sergio Mimitz-Gezzan, Sharon Remmer, Matilda Bernabey, Luca Bernabey, Daniele Passani

Actors: Richard Madden, Dustin Hoffman, Stuart Martin, Annabelle Schaulay, Ciphero, and Aldo Sperduti, Valentina Belle, Ken Bons, Lex Frapnel, Brian Cox, Alessandro Preziosi, Lorenzo Balducci, Brando Leon Rustici, Sarah Celdell, Brando Leon, Rustici, Sarafella, Alessandro Preziosi, Lorenzo Balducci, Brando Leon Rustici, Sarah Celdo, Brand Cox , Michael Schermi, Roberto Mantovani, Tatiana Nardone, Francis Barber

Production: Lux Vide, Big Light Productions, Rai Fiction, Wild Bunch
Premiere: October 8 2016 (Italy), December 9 2016 (United Kingdom), April 9 2018 (Culture)
Series: 8
Genre: Drama, biography, historical films

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