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Медное солнце сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно

About the plot of the military series "Copper Sun" 2018 online / Drama / NTV channel

Нnew war series “Copper Sun” 2018 online, where Vladimir Mashkov starred, begins his story with a not so distant 1991 in one remote village of the Central Asian Republic. It was this period that became the most important in the collapse of the USSR, which naturally influenced the whole life of the people around. It so happens that all people are in great shock from what is happening. Each of them is accustomed to living in one common state, and now that everything has changed dramatically, the situation has become really tense.

From one small village all the soldiers began to leave. They now had a different task, but for the locals it is a big tragedy. They are accustomed to being constantly protected and protected, and now they are left completely alone. The neighboring militants who are ready to seize their village will find out about this. Everyone is well aware that they will not be able to cope with these military, because none of the civilians did not hold in the hands of this military weapons.

Now their life is in terrible danger, but the usual musical group is becoming the defense of the people. At least they understand how the weapon should work, although they themselves have never encountered such a situation. Everything is going to be done not in their favor, but if they do not stand up already, then everything will be just awful. What ultimately will this story end and what will be its final chord? It is to be known to everyone to watch this exciting war film!



Watch the episode “Copper Sun” 2018 online war movie part 1,2

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A country: Russia
Director: Karen Hovhannisyan
Screenwriters: Ilya Tilkin, Dmitry Lanchikhin
Operator: Maxim Shinkorenko
Producers: Timur Weinstein, Ruben Dishdishyan, Karen Hovhannisyan, Elena Denisevich

Actors: Vladimir Mashkov, Michael Dzhanibekyan, Olga Medynich, Konstantin Milovanov, Alexey Shevchenkov, Maxim Emelyanov, Sabina Akhmedova, Zarina Mukhitdinova, Oleg Galakhov, Vladimir Niskov
Production: Mars Media, CARGO
Premiere: November 26 2018 (NTV)
Series: 6
Genre: Drama, war film

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