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The Mechanic 2 Resurrection Movie (2016) watch online free action

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Watch an action movie with Jason Statham 2 Mechanic Resurrection 2016 online for free hd 720-1080

About the plot of the film "2 Mechanic: Resurrection / Mechanic: Resurrection" 2016 | Action | Thriller | Crime | France | Thailand | USA

нAemic killer is not destined to retire. The protagonist of the film "Mechanic 2 Resurrection”2016 online has shed a lot of blood in the past, but now it has begun to live again. The last sin of a man was killing a friend in a wheelchair. He was set up by presenting a terrible monster and a traitor.

Bishop (Jason Statham) he decided that death from his hand was better, but he soon realized that he had made the wrong choice. The protagonist of the action movie had to finish with the son of the unfortunate, who, having learned about the incident, decided to get even with the murderer.

He is happy and tries to live by the laws of civilized people. But the past is haunting Bishop. The favorite hero is kidnapped and demands that he return to his craft. He is given a list with three names and these people need to finish off as quickly as possible. Arthur still has a lot of trouble in the near future.

The temporary lull cracked, but the man is ready for anything to rescue his beloved woman (Jessica Alba). Only one thing remains - to kill. He is able to be very virtuosic, because the killer doesn’t have experience and he is able to turn the kill off even in the most unusual place, for example, in the pool. How will events develop in the future?



The movie “Mechanic 2: Resurrection / Mechanic: Resurrection” 2016 watch online in excellent quality hd 720-1080


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2 Mechanic: Resurrection 2016 - INFORMATION ON FILM:

A country: USA, Thailand, France

Director: Dennis Hanzel
Screenwriters: Philip Shelby, Tony Mosher
Operator: Daniel Gottschalk
Composer: Mark Aisham
Artist: Sebastian T. Crawinkel
Producers: William Chartoff, Frank DeMartini, Boaz Davidson, John Thompson, David Winkler, Victor Hadida, Samuel Hadida, Avi Lerner, Brian Presley, Trevor Short

Actors: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Michelle Yeo, Tommy Lee Jones, Sam Hazeldine, Nathalie Burne, Rhatha Phongam, John Senetiempo, Anteo Quintavalle and others

Production: Chartoff-Winkler Productions, Davis-Films, Millennium Films
Premiere: 24 August 2016 (USA), 25 August 2016 (Russia)
Genre: thriller, action, crime

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