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Watch the Miller series 1 season (2018) online for free all 1-16 series in a row in good quality HD 720 on the entertainment website Youtebem.com

Smotret serial Melnik 2018 besplatno youtebem.com vse serii

The series "Miller" watch all series in a row online for free HD 720 

МAyor Roman Melnik (Sergey Shnyrev) was seriously wounded, as a result of which he was forced to leave his former occupation, moving to the position of a field guard employee. In certain circles, it is customary to assume that people who work there simply serve their years until they can retire. But the story of Roman will prove quite the opposite.

Smotret serial Melnik 2018 besplatno youtebem.com

During one of the shifts, when the main character detective series “Melnik” 2018 online together with colleagues he was transporting another batch of criminals, he had to absent himself due to his service needs. During this time, an unknown person entered the train, where the escorts and prisoners were. It took him only a few minutes to kill all the servants of law and order, and then release the transported criminals.

Having learned about this, the FSB immediately instructs Roman to investigate this case, as they are sure that his experience will be quite enough to find the escaped prisoners and those behind the organization of the escape. In addition, everything must be done very quickly, because the public should not know about what happened, otherwise panic will not be avoided.

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Director: Stanislav Mareev
Scenario: Sergey Kuzminykh, Alexander Gorobets
Producer: Anton Dorogobed, Yuri Miroshnichenko, Anna Spirina
Operator: Artem Dzharayan
Composer: Alexey Massalitinov
Artist: Sergey Zaykov
Installation: Anzhej Polonov
Genre: detective
Premiere (RF) 28 May 2018

Roll: Sergey Shnyrev, Sergey Parshin, Alexander Konstantinov, Roman Gribkov, Igor Chernevich, Natalia Vysochanskaya, Vyacheslav Gasay, Yuri Kovalev, Anton Chernov, Sergey Vorobyov

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