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World Inside Out all issues in a row online with Dmitry Komarov

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Watch the transfer of the world inside out online for free all series in a row

About the TV show “The World Inside Out” with Dmitry Komarov / Ukraine

В each of new issues and seasons of the project "The World Inside Out" The leader travels through one of the selected countries and is ready to go to any place in Zemlm and even to the most impassable jungle to study the culture of the people who live there, with their traditions, cuisine, national peculiarities and specific rites. Dmitry Komarov can easily be called a very brave man. He has to travel around the world, but you can safely forget about luxury hotels and beautiful sights.

Such usual conditions for the modern pampered traveler will not wait for him, because he finds himself in the most unusual places where people practically don’t go. More precisely, it can be said that certain tribes live there that do not allow anyone into their lands. They have a completely different life here and they know absolutely nothing about the modern world. The same can be said about their culture, so Dima will try to do everything possible to find out the whole truth.

How this may end so far is unclear, but you have to hope only for a positive outcome in this whole situation. How difficult it will be to guess, and therefore it remains only to hope for a favorable outcome. It’s impossible to be exact where this time will lead him, but there incredible discoveries can wait for him there. Acquaintance with such unusual places will forever leave a mark on his life and therefore the viewer can also discover the world from a completely different side, or rather from a completely new, unexpected and without exaggeration, very often shocking.

Interview with Dmitry Komarov

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The official instagram of the traveler and presenter Dmitry Komarov (Dmirti komarov) The world inside out | Photo-Video

Frames from issues “The World Inside Out 2019 Ukraine | Photos of participants


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