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Smotret serial shou my luchshe 2020 online youtebem.com

Смотреть передачу Мой лучше на Ю 2020 онлайн все выпуски и сезоны подряд на ютубе hd 720-1080

About the plot of the reality show “My is better” 2020 on the channel Ю / Russia

сdealing with girlfriends, women share the most intimate, discuss new clothing trends, cosmetics, husbands of ladies also occupy an important topic in conversation, someone likes to praise, poor men and critics cannot avoid. It’s interesting, but if instead of friends there are rivals, and at stake a win of 100t.r.?

Then you will have to praise your husband in every possible way, regardless of whether he deserves it or not or criticize at all costs. In the unique show “My Better” on the U channel, for 5 days, 5 families will compete for the main prize, in the end, the most responsible husband will win.

For this, a man needs to be left alone with children and three tasks from his wife. At the end of each day, in a secret ballot, rivals will make decisions, as well as praise their husbands and criticize strangers.

The winner will be the husband who does an excellent job with all the work done and scores the most points. This action is designed to bring families together, where the husband often does not understand the efforts of his wife, it will also help to find out his partner on the other hand.

Trailer | Premiere 8 Jun 2020



Telecast “My is better” 2020 watch online for free all episodes in a row on U channel | Russia 

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Images from the show “My is better” Russia Channel “U” 2020 | Photo of participants




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