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My Sweet Lie (2019) Turkish TV Series watch online free comedy

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About the plot of the series “My sweet lie / Benim Tatli Yalanim" 2019 / Comedy / Melodrama / Turkey

вthis new comedy Turkish TV series “My sweet lie” 2019 online from star tv channel It tells about the story of a lonely attractive man who has to go on a massive deception for the sake of his beloved daughter. The main character of the serial film name is Nejat (Furkan Palaly), this is a middle-aged man.

After the most difficult parting with his wife happened, the hero of the instructive cheerful melodrama has to take care of raising his daughter Kaira (Lavigne Unlueer). Her father saw the real meaning of life in his child, trying to keep her as far as possible from mistakes and rash decisions, unpleasant moments that a cruel society can bring her.

Over time, the girl grew into an attractive girl and began to ask questions from time to time, which her father was not very comfortable to answer. She asked about her mother, trying to understand where she went and when she would return to them. The man did not want to speak the whole truth, and this was in utter confusion.

And then the hero decided to turn a difficult adventure. Secretly from his daughter, he begins to write letters and from a completely different address and send them to his home. At first it worked, but then Kaira decided to meet in life. It's a good thing that a man at this time made acquaintance with a charming lady named Suna (Asly Bekiroglu).

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My sweet lie / Benim Tatli Yalanim 2019 - Information about the series:

A country: Turkey
Director: Barysh Erchetin / Barış Erçetin
Scenario: Denise Dargie, Murat Taskent
Movie Studio: O3 Medya

Actors: Furkan Palaly, Asly Bekiroglu, Lavinha Unlyuer, Ahmet Sarachoglu, Asli Inandik, Gonja Sarıyldyz, Ali Yogurtcuoglu, Jem Zeynel Kilic
Premiere: 13 Jun 2019 turkey series watch online Benim Tatli Yalanim
Series length: 120 min. / 02: 00
Genre: Melodrama, comedy, love series

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