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My mother-in-law monster (2019) show on Yu channel watch all issues and seasons

Smotret moya svekrov monstr 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть передачу Моя свекровь монстр 2019 онлайн все серии бесплатно шоу кулинария

About the plot of the culinary project "My mother-in-law is a monster season 5-6-7" 2019-2020 on the channel U / Russia

НEvestki and mother-in-law dream to get on this cooking show. Meaning programs "My mother-in-law monster 5 season" 2019 online that young girls are cooked according to the instructions of the mother-in-law, then the “monsters” have to prepare modern dishes under the guidance of their successors.
New heroines get the job.

The older generation will have to draw up a menu for guests in a short time, after which the sister-in-law needs to go to the store, where, with limited funds, she needs to purchase all the products for making dinner. Cooking will also take the time set by the TV program. For dinner, each will invent three main dishes, a starter, a main dish and a dessert. In addition to the menu, participants have the opportunity to come up with entertainment for visitors.

Often the process is not according to plan, which provokes a quarrel between mother-in-law and sister-in-law. This makes the TV show more interesting. In life, misunderstandings between women occur frequently. The project helps viewers to see the situation that is observed in many families. Sometimes the monsters are not the mothers of their husbands, but the wives themselves. At the end of the evening they give marks. Summing up after all the couples will receive guests and get points. Winners will receive a cash prize.



TV show "My mother-in-law monster" 2019-2020 watch online for free all issues in a row on the channel Yu | Russia 

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Country: Russia
Production: U channel
Genre: Family TV Show
Duration: 46 min.
Released 5 season: 25 March 2019 year




Author YouTube channel “Recipes from Chef Ilya LAZERSON” Kitchen and food - for which I don’t feel sorry for time | Online update
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