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Maritime Devils Frontiers of the Motherland series (2018) watch online all series

Smotret serial Morskie dyavoli rubezhi rodini 2018 Youtebem.com

Russian serial “Sea Devils Frontiers of the Motherland” 2018 watch online 6 season for free all series in a row 1-24 on NTV | Russia

Гaction heroes military series “Sea Devils Frontiers of the Motherland” 2018 Online continue to perform urgent and dangerous tasks, thereby striving to maintain peace and quiet in their own state. The brave team is engaged in operational activities over a long period of time.

Русский сериал “Морские дьяволы Рубежи родины” 2018 смотреть онлайн бесплатно все серии подряд

Due to the fact that the guys have seen a lot together, and they had to work together, they began to consider themselves to be a full-fledged friendly family, whose members can rely on each other. There are no secrets and secrets between them, in case of trouble of one of the group members, other friends come to the rescue. So the circumstances are that the government decides to send a team to a remote part of the border. The service forces us to focus on a new security facility and forget about frequent home visits.

Intelligence presents data about illegal activities on the part of intruders. As it turns out, they use this territory to bring weapons into the country. In the present situation, relax the heroes of the multi-part film “Sea Devils" no time available. They are forced to perform their duties qualitatively and at the same time settle family issues, because not everyone can sit still while the person near and dear is not around ...

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Country: Russia
Director: Alexander Kartokhin, Alexey Prazdnikov, Maxim Demchenko, Dmitry Soshnikov
Composer: Alexey Karpov
Produced by: Viktor Budilov, Dmitry Soshnikov, Dmitry Kuzmin
Scenario: Viktor Budilov, Roman Kovalev, Andrei Balashov, Alexander Paygalik, Elena Utekhina, Grigory Zhikharevich, Anna Zubareva, Igor Zubarev, Mikhail Barkan
Operator: Dmitry Kabanov, Dmitry Kiselev
Production: by order of NTV
Genre: Thriller, crime movie, Adventures

Cast: Oleg Chernov, Daria Yurgens, Ivan Parshin, Alexandra Bolshakova, Vitaly Biserov, Anton Gulyaev, Anton Bagrov, Snezhana Prudko, Igor Grigoriev, Zakhar Cherezov, Daria Syromlya, Maria Sinyaeva, Vladimir Maslakov, Alexander Erlikh, Andrey Vergelis, Igor Romanov , Andrey Smelov, Arvid Zeland, Evgeny Antonov, Alexey Frolov and others.


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