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Smotret serial muhtar novi sled 2018 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Мухтар. Новый след 2019 смотреть все серии подряд детектив

About the plot of the series “Mukhtar. New trace ”2019 Crime | Detective | Russia | NTV channel

ОNickname Mukhtar even from puppyhood they were preparing for a difficult service in law enforcement, they taught him all the subtleties of an operational-search character. Due to the fact that with him all the time engaged dog handlers and trainers, the dog grew up a true professional in their field. One can only dream of such an assistant or partner.

He is silent all the time, very loyal and faithful, he will never betray the one who is truly dear to him, will always come to the rescue at a difficult time, and, naturally, he will not tell all the time about what misunderstandings in relations with his wife occurred this morning.

This guy is very clever, kind, faithful, and his magnificent scent is able to catch even the faintest and delicate smells, this gives him the opportunity to find substances that may harm the population. Maxim Zharov, Alexei Samoilov and a beautiful investigator girl had the honor to work with the legendary fluffy detective story.

Together, they will be able to do so that justice will triumph, and the criminals will be imprisoned. They will have to solve cases that have not been touched by anyone for so many years, and they are in the category of not disclosed.

The series “Mukhtar. New track ”2019 watch online detective free hd 720 all series in a row 


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Mukhtar. New track season 2 - Information about the series:

A country: Russia

Directors: Oleg Sheremet-Board, Natalia Mikryukova, Guzel Kireeva, Andrey Ivanov
Screenwriters: Mikhail Palatnik, Nikolay Pavlov, Mila Yunich, Elena Radkovskaya
Operators: Victor Gusarov, Ilya Agafonov, Alexey Zharkov, Denis Shvetsov
Composers: Sergey Chipenko, Nikita Chipenko, Igor Melnichuk, Pavel Krahmalev, Kirill Volkov, Yury Pryalkin
Artist: Olga Shagalina
Producers: Ekaterina Shveiko, Felix Kleiman, Ruben Kesoyan, Sergey Zygmantovich, Ekaterina Shulgina, Denis Berezin
Casting Director: Lyubov Sergienko

Actors: Vladimir Feklenko, Svetlana Bryukhanova, Alexey Moiseev, Alexander Voevodin, Nadezhda Antsipovich, Oksana Stashenko, Yevgeny Tokarev, Viktor Vasilyev, Sergey Gromov, Artyom Osipov, Erik Abramovich, Olga Moiseeva, Nikita Moiseev, Sergey Shirochin, Nikolai Ryabychyn, Sergey Moiraeva, Nikita Moiseev, Sergey Shirochin, Nikolai Ryabychyn, Sergei Moiseeva, Nikita Moiseev, Sergei Shirochin, Nikolai Ryabychyn, Sergei Moiseeva, Nikita Moiseev, Sergei Shirochin, Nikolai Ryabychyn, Sergey Moiraeva, Nikolai Moiseev, Sergei Shirochin, Nikolai Ryyabychyn, Nikie Moiseev, Olga Moiseeva, Sergey Shirochin, Sergey Shirochin, Sergey Moiraeva, Sergey Moiraeva, Sergey Shirochin Oleg Sheremet-Plaque, Dmitry Egorov, Angelika Mette, Sergey Bykhov, Sergey Tolstikov, Valentin Solovyov, Evgenia Korotkevich and others.

Production: Studio 2B by order of NTV
Premiere: March 20, 2017 (NTV, 1st season), (NTV 2-th season 14 May 2018)
Series: 192
Genre: crime moviedetectives online adventure

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