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Смотреть фильм Мылодрама 2019 с Буруновым все серии комедия

About the plot of the series "Mylodrama" 2019 online / Comedy / Channel Friday | 8 episodes | Russia

РThe entertainment channel Friday will delight its fans with a great fun gift - the comedy series “Mylodrama” 2019 with Sergey Burunov, who in a new way gets a great chance to show his talent again. His usual petrol station is put as the general director of the TV channel TSV with the mandate to "do any bullshit." The range of his duties includes casting, staging TV shows, programs, yes, and in general doing everything that the main boss does - he will have to lead everything that happens here.

It will be extremely difficult to do this, because as it turns out, he will have to surprise all viewers. To do this, we need talented ideas that can slay them outright. That is why it is necessary to achieve only the best results and try to demonstrate for yourself only the best ideas, because only then can he achieve the final result. How he will actually remain a mystery, because only after reaching his final goal, he will be able to cope with the obstacles that stand in his way.

For the sake of achieving his most important chance in life, he decides to make a film. But it is clear that personally he will not be able to do this, and that is why Sergey begins to assemble a team that will be engaged in its production. He will need the best of the best, because only with such people can he find a common language. He wants to become famous, and for this he is ready to go to the extreme. What this will lead to is unknown, but he tries to do everything in such a way as to achieve unprecedented success for his channel.

The trailer for the series “Mylodrama” 2019 | February 25 Premiere

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Mylodrama with Burunov - INFORMATION ABOUT THE FILM:

A country: Russia

Director: Ilya Kulikov
Scenario: Ilya Kulikov
Producer: Ilya Kulikov, Andrey Semenov, Alena Marakhovskaya
Operator: Igor Kiselyov
Installation: Sergey Fedotov

Actors: Sergey Burunov, Rostislav Bershauer, Grigory Kalinin, Yuri Grubnik, Marusya Klimova, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Kirill Melekhov, Olga Dibtseva, Sergey Shtatnov, Evgeny Sarmont

Premiere: February 25 2019
Series: 8
Genre: Comedy

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Film slogan - "He will shake this spire"

Images from the series “Mylodrama” 2019 Comedy | Photos of actors


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