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On the verge of madness movie (2018) watch online free thriller USA

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About the plot of the film "On the verge of madness / Spinning Man" 2018 | Detective | Thriller | Crime | Ireland | Sweden | USA

зThis intensely exciting "On the verge of madness" 2018 online to meet with a teacher named Evan Birch (Guy Pearce), who is forced to pay for being overly fond of his students. This man taught philosophy and could easily combine lectures with finding new girls. For years, the man was married.

He amazingly positioned himself, an exemplary family man, the most faithful husband in the world. His wife never even imagined that her lover could act immorally. Colleagues respected this man, he was considered a professional in his field and a real expert in philosophy. Even among students, the man enjoyed great prestige.

Few female students know that their favorite teacher has such a secret addiction. Suddenly an incident occurs, which was the first blow to the image of Birch. One of the students disappeared under strange circumstances. Later it turned out to find her, but she could not tell anything, because she was dead. Robert Malloy (Pierce Brosnan) decided to investigate this difficult matter. Gradually, one by one, unexpected facts about the life of the professor began to be revealed.



 “Spinning Man” movie “2018” to watch online in excellent quality. Hd 720-1080


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On the verge of madness - INFORMATION ON FILM:

A country: USA, Sweden, Ireland

Director: Simon Kaiser
Writers: Matthew Aldrich, George Harrar
Operator: Polly Morgan
Composer: Jean-Paul Wall
Artist: Matt Gant
Producers: Keith Arnold, Robert Ballo, Barry Brooker, Michael T. Cavell
Casting Director: Roger Mousenden

Actors: Guy Pierce, Odeya Rush, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, Clark Gregg, Freya Tingley, Jamie Kennedy, Sterling Beaumont, R.J. Walker, Carlo Rota, Annie Monroe, Natasha Bassett, Sean Blackmore

Production: Chimney, Irish DreamTime
Premiere: April 6 2018 (USA)
Genre: thriller, crime, detective



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