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About the plot of the series "On the Edge" 2019 / Warm Drama / Channel Russia 1

НNew Drama Russian TV series “On the edge” 2019 online introduces the audience with three girls trying to get to the truth and understand how to survive in dangerous conditions. Lena (Diana Pozharskaya) from childhood lived in a happy, happy family. Having matured, the girl goes to a prestigious metropolitan institute. In the first year, he meets a decent young man, whom he soon falls in love with. Life goes on as usual, and nothing foreshadows trouble.

Already, Lena, with a chosen one, is making plans for a future life together. But once a girl finds out about the betrayal of his beloved. Not seeing the road, in frustrated feelings, Lena finds herself under the wheels of the car and goes to the hospital. Now we have a long treatment and rehabilitation procedures. At the hospital, Elena meets Ruslan.

He is a charming and very handsome young man of a different religion. Having talked, Lena is captivated by Ruslan’s charm and charm (Cyril Dytsevich). Relationships soon develop into a strong friendship. Upon leaving the hospital, Elena is waiting for a new shock. It turns out that the father leaves the mother, and goes to live with his old mistress.

Not cope with the trials of fate itself, the girl rushes to Ruslan. He seems to her reliable and responsible, with this man Elena feels under protection. She decides to leave Ruslan’s homeland and convert to Islam. But only in another side a girl understands the trap into which she fell. She learns: a charming young man seduced with the same promises another Russian girl, Katya.

Katya (Sofya Shutkina) from a dysfunctional family, and came to Moscow in search of work. Here she met Ruslana. Relations quickly grew from friendly to romantic, and soon Kate went to rest in Turkey, where she fell into the hands of terrorists. Amina (Feruza Ruzieva), unlike the girls, she came to Syria in search of her husband, but got into terrible military actions in the Caliphate. She was soon captured by militants. Then Amina met with Kate and Lena. Now girls are forced to fight for their freedom and life.

Trailer | The premiere of the series "On the edge" 1 April 2019


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On the Edge - Show Details and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: Yevgeny Lavrentiev
Screenwriter: Valentin Emelyanov
Operator: Kirill Zotkin
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Irina Smirnova

Actors: Diana Pozharskaya, Sofia Shutkina, Feruza Ruzieva, Kirill Dytsevich, Natasha Shvets, Nikolay Fomenko, Evgenia Dmitrieva, Vladimir Verevochkin, Julia Aug, Nikita Tezin, Artyom Shklyaev, Beso Gataev, Dmitry Mulyar

Production: Russian Film Company
Premiere: 1 April 2019 (Россия 1)
Series: 8
Genre: Drama, films about Love

The official instagram actress Diana Pozharskaya (Diana Pozharskaya) / Photo - Video

The official instagram of actor Kirill Dicevich (Kirill Dicevich) / Photo / Video

Images from the series “On the Edge” 2019 channel Russia 1 | Photos of actors



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