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About the plot of the TV program "In fact" 2019-2021 on Channel One / Talk Show / Russia

Пpresent to your attention TV talk show “Actually” 2021 with Timur Eremeevwhich is, in essence, a detective investigation. Here on the confrontation there are people who hide from each other some truth about the most different events through which they had to pass once.

Leading and, kinda, the main detective of this show is one of the youngest and charismatic showmen of our immense country - this is of course Shepelev. He tries to prove to the participants that in life it is very important not to lie and speak exclusively the truth, and it must be spoken in the right place at the right time.

Between the participants of the program they begin to change drastically after a certain incident has occurred that happened to them earlier. But there is always an opportunity to complete the bridge, and not to destroy it. During the recording of this TV show, each of the parties will express their own opinion about what is happening, and the facts will be revealed to people, no matter how sad they are.

The real state of things makes it possible not only to combine all the particles of the puzzle into one picture, but also to finally dissolve people to the side. Shepelev during the show tries to do anything to ensure that each participant in the event was able to express their own opinion, but sometimes it looks very ridiculous, as many viewers say.

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