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Nastya Ivleeva - Youtube watch an interview at 21 from August 2018

Smotret interviyu Nastya Ivleeva Vdud

Yuri Dud - Interview with Nastya Ivleeva on YouTube watch online

Уimportant visitors, meet, on a visit to provocative presenter Yuri Dudi for his YouTube channel “To Do” - 27-year-old Nastya Ivleeva - Instagram star, blogger ("Agent Show" - YouTube), TV presenter! She is a charming and attractive beauty, childishly cute and captivatingly charming.

She began her ascent to fame thanks to the video (Vains) on Instagram, in particular, on the topic of “vinishka” that many people understand. Over time, her fame is rapidly gaining momentum and becoming even more weighty, and she is invited to many popular Russian entertainment programs, and after a while she becomes the leading Eagle and tails travel show.

In the course of a rather frank hour-long conversation, Yuri and Nastya touched upon various topics, not hesitating censorship, and sometimes going beyond ... Having opened their minds the host of Eagle and Reshka, she said that she liked everything in her cavalier, Eljee.

“I have the best sex in my life right now. Every time, this is fantastic, ”the star honestly said.

Nastya Ivleeva Maxim photo to watch
Ivleeva Nastya photo

Ivleeva called dialogue between partners a pledge of idyll in intimate life, and among the worst male qualities she singled out a love for idle talk, a lack of a sense of humor and ... a small sexual organ. “In general, of course, a small member is a sentence,” the star summed up.

In general, see and listen to yourself, very interesting and very sharp interview)

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Official YouTube channel of the host Yuri Dudya (vDud)

Official YouTube channel leading Anastasia Ivleeva (AGENTSHOW)

The official instagram leading Anastasia Ivleeva (Anastasiya Ivleeva) / Photo / Video

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