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Don't Let Go TV Series (2020) Ukraine watch online for free all episodes

Smotret serial ne otpuskay 2020 online youtebem.com

Смотреть украинский фильм Не отпускай / Не відпускай 2020 онлайн сериал с Евгенией Нохриной мелодрама бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Do not let go / Do not let go / Sea spіvaє” 2020 / Melodrama / 8 episodes / Channel 1 + 1 Ukraine

гthe main characters of the melodramatic Ukrainian series “Do not let go” 2020 online Max (Matvey Zubalevich) and Rita (Evgenia Nohrina) were young and happy. Soon they had to finish school and enter adulthood. The guys spent a lot of time together, naively believing that this would continue forever. They really planned never to leave.

For each of them, it was their first love, the brightest, strongest and most memorable for a lifetime. Once a fun company decided to go on nature. Rita took her younger brother with her. Parents worked a lot, so the girl often looked after a six-year-old tomboy.

For a few moments, the heroine forgot that she was responsible, and allowed herself to enjoy the attention of Maxim. At this moment, trouble happened with little Vitya: he broke from his bungee and crashed badly. Doctors saved the unfortunate life, but made a terrible diagnosis: the child will remain disabled, will not be able to walk and talk.

Unable to bear the sad news, his father died of a heart attack, and his mother went mad. Woman blamed future son in law in the incident. To save the remnants of family happiness, Margarita broke up with her lover. Ten years later, they met again and realized that they had not learned to be happy without each other. However, now a man and a woman need to make an important decision on which the fate of people depends.

Trailer of the series "Do not let go" 2020 | Premiere 10 February

Watch the film “Do not let go / Do not let go” Ukraine (2020) online melodrama all series in a row 1-8



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A country: Ukraine

The series “Do not let go / Do not let go / The sea is calling” 2020 - Release date and information about the series:

Director: Kirill Kapitsa
Screenwriter: Kira Khudoley
Operator: Vyacheslav Rakovsky
Composer: Sergey Mogilevsky
Artist: Yuri Sablin
Producers: Julia Kusher, Victor Maykov, Olesya Pazenko, Vasily Zherebilo, Timur Mindich

Actors: Evgenia Nokhrina, Ksenia Mishina, Matvey Zubalevich, Artyom Alekseev, Valentin Tomusyak, Ivan Zalusky, Nikolai Boklan, Diana Bakri, Anna Salivanchuk, Tamara Antropova, Valeria Gulyaeva, Valentina Pugacheva, Sergey Dzyalik, Evgeny Avdeenko, Yuri Kudryavets, Luda Kudryavets, Vladimir Osadchiy, Andrey Mostrenko, Sergey Kisel, Sofia Kovaleva, Anastasia Shulga, Nikolay Grigorenko, Sergey Safronchik

Premiere: February 10 2020 (1 + 1, Ukraine)
Series: 8
Genre: Melodrama


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Images from the series “Do not let go / Do not let go” 2020 Melodrama | Photos of actors



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