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About the plot of the reality show “A little divorced” 2019 on the channel Ю / Russia

Рentertaining TV channel "U" began showing the new 2 season of the television show "A little bit divorced" 2019 onlinewhich aims to solve the problems of people. Many couples are on the verge of divorce due to constant conflicts and quarrels. And no matter how you twist, more often they still love each other. But they themselves need to accept it.

And often, this is not possible. Then the transfer comes to the rescue. She visits two victims in such a state of affairs that they have absolutely no way to communicate with each other. They will also need to communicate with a kind of replacement. Thanks to her, they will be able to accurately understand their feelings.

There are two scenarios. In the first, they understand that they cannot live without a familiar partner. In another, they remain with a new acquaintance. In addition to all this, there will be many trips with a psychologist who will help to understand yourself. But in general, their way of life and nothing will change.

Yes, and all responsibility for the final choice lies personally with each individual. In such a delicate matter, adding an error that will cost a lot is incredibly simple. If you are interested in how many similar situations will be resolved, then you simply must familiarize yourself with this instructive project, which will definitely make you think and rethink a lot.



Telecast “A little divorced 2 season” 2019 watch online for free all episodes in a row on U channel | Russia

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A country: Russia
Production: U channel
Genre: Family TV show
Duration: 46 min.
Release date for 2 season: 12 September 2019 year


Show “A little bit divorced” 2019 1 season



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Images from the show “A little divorced” Channel “U” 2019 | Photos of actors


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