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Neon Demon Movie (2016) watch online free thriller

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Watch a horror movie Neon Demon 2016 free online thriller in good quality 720

About the plot of the film The Neon Demon / The Neon Demon 2016 | Horror | Thriller | Drama | USA | Denmark | France | 18+

Гlove heroine film "Neon demon" 2016 online Jesse (El Fanning) all my life I dreamed of becoming a model. She had for this a very suitable appearance and purposeful girl realizes that she will be able to cope with any difficulties that will stand in her way. Naturally, she was ready for any job, but in her small town she could not fulfill her cherished dreams.

That is why she decided to go to Los Angeles to begin a truly new life there. She was sure that she would cope with any task and was therefore ready to risk everything that she only had. And so it happens that she decides to accept the offer of some people she does not know. They seemed to her very normal and it just seemed like the kind of work she had dreamed of.

But you can’t trust strangers and therefore you will have to do everything possible to overcome all the difficulties that will stand in her way. She understands this perfectly well and decides to do what she had planned for so long. But everything will go in a completely different scenario, and now it will be in a rather unusual situation. What it will lead to so far is unclear, but one can only hope for a favorable outcome. How it will be so far incomprehensible, so it remains to believe in the best.


“The Neon Demon” movie “2018” watch online free USA thriller

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A country: USA, France, Denmark

Director: Nicholas Winding Refn
Screenwriters: Nicholas Winding Refn, Mary Lawes, Polly Stanam
Operator: Natasha Brayer
Composer: Cliff Martinez
Artist: Elliott Hostetter
Producers: Nicholas Winding Refn, Lene Berglum, Brahim Chioua, Victor Ho, Michel Litvak, Vincent Maraval, Thor Sigurjonsson, Jeffrey Stott, Gary Michael Walters
Casting Director: Courtney Sheinin, Nicole Daniels

Actors: El Fanning, Keanu Reeves, Jena Malone, Abby Lee, Christina Hendricks, Bella Hitkot, Desmond Harrington, Jamie Clayton, Alessandro Nivola, Charles Baker, Karl Glusman, Jody Turner-Smith

Premiere: June 3 2016 (France), July 28 2016 (Russia)
Production: Space Rocket Nation, Vendian Entertainment, Bold Films
Genre: Horror, thriller, drama

The official instagram actress El Fanning (Elle Fanning) / Photo / Video

Stills from the movie “The Neon Demon / The Neon Demon” 2016 | Photos of actors


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