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Burning Phoenix TV series (2019) watch free online detective

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Фильм Неопалимый Феникс (2019) смотреть все серии онлайн детектив


РElse life at Alena was just wonderful. main character Burning Phoenix detective series online 2019 believed that nothing could spoil her this, but fate decreed quite differently. She owns a music cafe, which in the beginning brought her a big profit. Everything was going like clockwork and it seemed that it would be forever. But the situation has changed dramatically and, accordingly, the life of the heroine as well.

It turns out that her one good known was found dead. This is a big tragedy, because he was a musician who often visited her in a cafe, which naturally attracted visitors. But since he died, the business also began to gradually sink. But Alain is upset because the police say it was an accident. The girl is convinced that the murder occurred and intends to start searching for the criminal herself.

In addition, problems began in her personal life as well, which of course began to spoil the already terrible situation even worse. Now the heroine of the movie Burning Phoenix will have to go through a series of difficult tests and try to achieve those heights that will make her happy again. But will she manage to do it or will it not work out? Soon this will have to make sure, but for now you have to hope only for a positive result.

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Second First Love - FILM INFORMATION:

A country: Russia

Director: Dmitry Averin
Screenwriters: Elena Gershanova, Alexandra Notkina
Operator: Sergey Dubrovsky
Composer: Arthur Mkrtchyan
Artist: Artyom Agapov
Produced by: Anastasiya Shipulina, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Irina Romanova
Casting Director: Elena Bogorad, Ekaterina Dyatlova

Actors: Tatyana Kolganova, Ilya Noskov, Ekaterina Panasyuk, Anton Sychev, Valentina Panina, Igor Golovin, Victoria Plop, Denis Pyanov, Nikita Barsukov, Natalya Myznikova, Diana Milutina, Denis Starkov, Vadim Lymar, Kirill Baloban, Alyona Barkova and others.

Production: NRG Film
Premiere: February 9 2019 (TVC)
Series: 4
Genre: DetectiveCrime TV seriesmelodrama

Official YouTube channel of the TV show "Evening Urgant" | Online update (Wait for upload)


Screenshot of the Burning Phoenix series 2019 Russia | Photos of actors



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